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Ricardo J. Espigares Carrillo


Idefine myself as someone who tries to be honest with himself and the music itself. I try to find the relationship between the sounds and in it to reveal the compositor’s message, praying it reaches the audience without any mutation. In that process of searching for the truth, I find freedom in music.

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to learn from the greatest masters, in my hometown, as well as in the professional conservatory ‘’Ángel Barrios’’ in Granada, as in the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid and in the training courses in Spain and abroad. My main source of advice has been, is and will be, my dear teacher Enrique García Asensio, from whom I have received a solid musical formation in its broad sense of the word.


Ricardo Espigares CarrilloBeing a musician it is appasionant, I love music and I have a daily loyal commitment with the study, to learn everything that is possible, prepare myself at the highest level so that the experiences will be constructive. Musicians have to understand that advancing progressively and constantly in some occasions it is very difficult, so are a lot of things that need to work in parallel, including in them, the opportunities.

It is for that reason that I am deeply grateful for the ownership of the Granada Philharmonic Orchestra and the Municipal Symphonic Band of Guadix, as well as those entities nationals and internationals, who have trusted me and have given me the opportunity to learn and acquire experience, among them I highlight the Municipal Bands of Jaén, Almería, Sevilla and Málaga my debut conducting the state opera of Plovdiv ( Bulgari) or a dream came true, to debut in Spain with one the most representative orchestras of our country, the Orchestra of the Spanish Radio Television.


As well as I feel an enormous gratitude for having received many prizes and awards, among which I highlight the mention of the Best Student of the Celibidache Foundation, the Third Prize of the international competition of conducting the orchestra of the Atlantic Coast Orchestra Festival or the Prize ‘’Artist in Revelation’’ from the XXV edition of the nacional prizes ‘’Alive culture’’.

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Ricardo J. Espigares Carrillo
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